Little Beorn’s Birth Story

Probably i’m too excited about seeing Bumbum that i couldn’t get to sleep. Showered at 2.30AM and waited for HG to be ready too. Mad hungry and thirsty but no food and drinks intake from 12AM =( Cabbed down to Mount Alvernia as I need to be admitted by 4.30AM

Was shocked to see the renovation works. No one in the queue except us. Done with admission and paying of deposit, off to the St Raphael’s ward at SR360B. It was a double-bedded room. Was being briefed what to do and etc. Changed and waited until 6AM, they pushed me in to the Operation Theatre 1. Yes, opted for Caesarean (C-sect) as babyboy is too big in me, head high up and too much water in me. So my gynae suggested c-sect because it may be dangerous for baby.

My mama was trying to help me with wearing the OT gown. 

One last shot of my big belly! Im @ 37 weeks plus!
Mama waited outside the OT waiting area and HG went to get changed. Lying inside and the nurses were trying to distract me, keeping me comfortable and briefly telling me what they’re gonna do. Around 6.25AM, my gynae, Dr Ben came in together with a few other doctors. Injected epidural to numb my lower body. One of the side effects, shivering attacked me. Really hate the shivering to the max! I can’t even speak properly.
At 6.36AM, my precious angel was out! After hearing his loud and unique cries, all those pains that i’ve been through, they’re all worth it. That “awwwww” moment when they placed him on me. He was babbling and playing with his saliva. Not gonna upload those pictures cause i think its kinda personal and like raw? Haha.
Pictures were taken using either DSLR or Iphone 4 camera. Taken and edited by HG too.

Name : Goh Bin He, Beorn
Birthdate : 20/09/2012
Delivered by : Dr Choey Wei Yen Ben (SBCC Women’s Clinic)
Type of delivery : Caesaerean with epidural
Venue of delivery : Mount Alvernia Hospital
Weight : 3.475kg
Length : 53.0cm
Head circumferences : 36.0cm
Gestation Weeks : 37 weeks 5 days

Check out his chubby cheeks and his cheeky expression!  Right after showering and breastfeeding him…

My mini “bean”.

My first 2 shots with babyboy after my virgin breastfeeding experience.

Well, breastfeeding requires a lot of determination and strength. Having to constantly wake up every 2-3 hours just to feed him and to pump out milk too. Require strength cause having to carry him. Due to my wound, i can’t use my stomach to support his weight. I thought i could walk as per normal after delivery, but no, worse. Having to be extra careful about my stitches and my legs and hands swollen too =(

Aloysius and Ashley came in the noon. Had a short and good chat before emo, Kang Rui and Guo Sheng came in the evening. Was trying to stay awake. Sucks to having to lying down on the bed. Anyway, thank you guys for the flower and gift. ♥

Last minute decided to change to single room due to some reasons. HG stayed for a night since he’s gonna be away for a short business trip. He slept until even when nurse pushed baby in for breastfeeding, he also don’t know.

So yea, all the way until the next morning, breastfeeding all the way! I know his birth story isn’t that “Wow” cause i went for c-sect. Haha! Will try to update frequently about him. =)

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A video of him!