My Pregnancy Journey (2)

So for my first trimester (1 to 3 months), i’ve strong morning sickness like tiredness, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting. That explained why i’ve skipped school even more often. Broke down a few times and ever thought of giving up cause it was really torturing and tough for me. I didnt have any of the symptoms during the previous pregnancy and so, am totally clueless about it and never suspect myself of having another one so soon.

Booked an appointment at National University Hospital (NUH) for my first check-up and scan. Excited much! Haha! Was expecting that i will gain weight since i’m pregnant but surprisingly, i lose many kgs! Haha! Thanks to the vomiting sessions. Checked with the gynae and realized it was normal for pregnant women to lose or maintain their weight as the hormones changes.

Little one’s first scan at his/her 9 weeks 4 days old. (For bigger view, baby scans can be found under the tab, Little one.) Cute much hur? 😉 Nearly tears when i saw him/her! Little one was so amazing! What amazed me the most was that a living thing was in me! :’)  Back home and HG decided to think of a nickname for the little one. Since i’m like a lazybum who only eat and sleep for the whole day, HG named it as “Bumbum“. Haha! Since then, we started calling little one that. 

Soon after, i realized from my chest to stomach, i’ve growth a line of hair and around my belly button too! Shocked me cause i’ve never have it before my pregnancy!  As usual, Google-d and many women said that they’ve it too when they’re having a boy! Happy much! But still, cant put in 100% trust in it. Hair on my hands and legs are growing fast too! Also realized that i didn’t drop much hair.

Moving on to the second trimester (3-6 months). Started to have cravings! It was something to be happy about as i’ve no appetite for months! Which also means that, i’ve started to gain weight too! 🙁 Morning sickness slowly went away but still, feeling tired after a few hours. Other than eating and sleeping, feeling Bumbum’s heartbeat became part of my daily routine too. Haha! I’m lucky to be able to feel BumBum’s heartbeat as i’ve found out that not every pregnant woman is able to feel it. That was one of the way making sure that Bumbum is alive too.

Second check-up and scan at NUH again. Looking forward to seeing him during every scan. Haha! Bumbum at his/her 12 weeks 4days! Glad that Bumbum was growing and developing well. Active Bumbum flipped and moved so much during the scan. Doctors having a hard time trying to check him. Haha! No idea why but after the indian doctor took over, Bumbum flipped and only showed us the sexyback of his/her 🙁 

Backache and leg cramps started on the fifth month. Having leg cramp at the middle of the night can be a nightmare. Didnt know that leg cramps can cause the back of my knee swollen too. Right after the 2nd day of work at uncle’s place, my legs started to swollen 🙁 Got so depressed about it as am afraid that it cant go back to before. Sleepless nights became regular too. Nights whereby my body and mind just wanna shut down but Bumbum just wanna play in me. For the first few nights it irritates me but once am used to his movements, i can just doze off immediately.

Bumbum at 21weeks 3days! The day whereby everyone was looking forward to finding out the gender. Bumbum is a BOY!!! Hahahaha! Wanting to see his features but he just don’t want turn and show us. 🙁 It was his last scan at NUH as we’ve decided to take up the 20 weeks onwards package at SBCC Women’s Clinic, Clementi. The clinic is the only one that allows us to claim 70% of the package price from Medisave. Whats more having a good-looking gynae, Dr Ben Choey? ;D

 At my 6 months +, my upper right back and underneath my right breast, suddenly hurt so much that got me admitted into NUH. Nothing was on my mind except little one. So worried that i’m willing to sacrifice my life, just to have him out. After a scan, luckily i don’t have to remove my gall bladder. Doctors couldn’t find out why it hurts too.

At my 7 months 2 weeks, lower belly abdomen hurts and had bad cramps for 3 nights! Was so worried that it was contraction pain but luckily it wasn’t. Luckily i didn’t head down to hospital. If not confirm embarrass myself cause false alarm. Ha! Took medicine and finally i don’t feel the pain anymore =D Oh, Bumbum was weighing about 1.5kg!

At my 8 months, which was the last trimester, i’m back to how i feel during my first trimester. Nausea, loss of appetite, insomnia, giddiness, weird dreams etc. Backache remained. Avoided taking rice cause it gave me the nausea feeling. Felt really sleepy or tired but just can’t seems to sleep. All of the above are affecting me, especially my beauty sleep =( Not only that, stretch marks on my thighs, ass appeared! Got depressed about it cause they’re deep red marks. Do some research and many says it can only be lighten. Thank God, HG sponsored me Clarin’s Stretch Marks Control cream as the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter cream caused me to have rashes and it itches.

At 35 weeks 1 day, went for appointment and hoping for a miracle. Been months since i’ve seen his face. Drank a lot of cold drinks just to make him flipped and facing outwards. IT WORKS!!! Finally after a long wait, i’ve seen my shy boy’s face! His little chubby arms and tiny feet made us “awwwwww~“. The moment i saw his face, my huge reaction was “Wah! Why he so chubby?! O.O” Yea, he has got mummy’s chubby cheeks! Hehe ^^ The picture on the right, was a free 3D scan from Dr Ben =D

In between, new marks appeared on my boobs and belly too =( After using the Clarin’s product, those marks on my thighs actually got lighten it so much! I’m gonna get more even after delivery until the marks become kinda invisible! HG, hint hint =P

At 37 weeks, gotten a check-up as to whether can induce Bumbum out before HG going overseas. Was kinda upset that the percentage of going for natural birth was low due to too much water in it, Bumbum was 3.3kg and his head doesn’t wants to go down. Since it was like a sooner or later thing, will just go for Caesarean. So much for wanting to have the feel of being a mummy, going through the pain for hours. Now, i don’t even needs to wait for hoursxz. Adding on to my bad mood, went for 2 jabs on my thighs to strengthen Bumbum’s lungs before delivery. I’ve never so afraid of injections. But on the thighs, no joke! Haha! But for little one, everything gonna be worth it.

Wait for the next post about his birth story 🙂