Actual Day Wedding (Part 3) !

After the sisters left, packed some stuff and off to shower! Took me an hour i guess? Had a hard time trying to wash away the hair spray. Luckily the brothers kept themselves occupied. If not, i think they gonna hurry me. Hahaha!
Off to Hotel Re to check-in and settle down. Didnt take any picture of the bathroom, so took it from Google. The rest are taken using my iphone.
The waterbed!

 Complimentary of red wine and a plate of fruits.


The bathroom! Huge and all are made of glass. Its a “in” thing now to have toilet made of glass. Kinda dislike it. Cause whatever that you’re doing inside, your partner is able to see it. Hahaha! Image credit: Google

The other part of the room. Image credit: Google

The brothers got so hungry that they went to the cafe to get food. Even myself got gastric pain. Ordered a bowl of Laksa. Delicious! Forgotten to take picture of it. Both HG and I starved like hungry ghosts. The moment we saw food, just thought of eating it straight away. Haha! Heard that Hotel Re kinda famous for their Laksa too.

Wanting to nap before the MUA arrived but no chance too 🙁 After unpacking and settling stuffs, the moment im able to sleep, the MUA called 🙁 So at 5pm, the brothers got up from their power nap and started running here and there for HG. Fell asleep a few times while the MUA was doing my hair or each time she asked me to close my eyes. Shag ttm seriously!

Waited quite awhile and finally the sisters arrived. Got emo to help me with the gown. Am supposed to be at the entrance by 730pm but we chatted till we lost track of the time. So in the end, i changed my gown at 730pm after the hotel staff and HG spammed my phone! Yea, rushed like mad! Lol. By the time when i reached the entrance, its time to prepare for the first walk-in. Totally unprepared. Luckily HG and Stanley (FB supervisor) have to calm me down a few times.

Pictures are edited by HG. Click to read his version.
The carplate alike board was ordered and made from/by a Malaysian.
The Angel and Stitch (Wedding theme) was bought through ebay, from Hong Kong Disneyland.

 After the first video montage, time to walk in! Really nervous. Was trying to avoid seeing the crowd.

Emcee of the day, Uncle Lionel!

The pictures of the food was taken during the food tasting session. Both the photographer and us were too busy to capture pictures of the food that day. Pictures are taken by Iphone 4.
After eating a few prawns, Stanley want us to change and get ready for the 2nd walk-in. My reaction was like “What?! So fast? I just sit down eh”. No choice but to head up to the room. As usual, rushing here and there. -.-
The 2nd video montage

After the yum seng, sat down for awhile and off to take table shots. Shaggggggggg! Sat less than 5 mins… Gonna upload only a few pictures.

HG is supposed to be drinking the mixer mixed by Guo Sheng. To show how steady the brothers can be, HG’s godbro drank it on behalf of him. Sweet right? Hahaha!

From pictures can tell im really feeling shag to the max! Poor baby have to endure with it.

Mama’s side.

Something to be happy about. At least my ah gong managed to attend it and not having to stay in hospital.

From the picture below onwards, all are from my papa’s side.

As usual, rested for a few minutes, Stanley want us to be at the door to thank the guests for coming. HG went to the brothers’ table so i went around chatting. Lol. Poor Stanley gotta approached me a few times before i stand at the door.

Another thing to be happy about, Carrot attended the banquet! Gonna thank her parents for allowing her to attend and put aside the curfew that day.

Had a chat with Emo and co before heading up the room. Since HG gotta settle the bill, went up to the room with my father. Got my mama to remove all the hair pins, accessories etc. So while waiting for HG, packed the gowns and suits. Didnt want to bathe cause am afraid HG suddenly came up with people and the bathroom is like transparent! Lol.
Mama went back to her room and I waited for HG until pissed off. Texted HG yet no reply. Starving so badly and wanting to rest so badly too. What worried me the most is my baby. Having gastric pain till so badly that am afraid i might harm the baby. Didnt wanted to wait anymore so went to have a good bath. As usual, having a hard time washing my hair. Just nice after i bathed, HG came up alone. Still, HG knows me the best. The petty me totally ignored him and busy drying up my hair. 
Sitting comfortably on him and suddenly just broke down -.- The only day in my life that i got so shagged, worried, stressed, unwell yet it was also the best day in my life. Plus having to be extra careful too. Worst, HG didnt reply my text. At that point of time, was thinking “Not yet a day, right after wedding, start to ignore my text alr“. You know how sad i am? Lol. You know, like those dramas? Those married men got tired of their wife and started to ignore their calls and messages? Lol. In fact i think it does happen in reality too.
After voicing out and hearing his explanation, felt better. HG went down again to get food and me, sat on the golden chair, wanting to scream so badly due to the gastric pain. Ate a few mouth of the food, a packet of prawn cracker and off to sleep with the pain 🙁 So painful that i cant eat. Of course, i dont sleep without HG. Accompanied him to read the messages on the red packets, guestbook etc. Slept at 5am…
Finally! Im done uploading the pictures and blogging about the day!