Actual Day Wedding (Part 1)
Slept for half an hour and woke up at 4AM. Bathed and waited for the clock to strike 5AM. Got my hair combed by my papa. Macdonald breakfast bought my mama. Didnt managed to finish it as half way through, the makeup artist(MUA) came. Started to feel unwell as morning sickness kicked in 🙁 No choice but to tolerate it.
While changing gown, the “sisters” started preparing for the games. Got changed and all ready for the men to arrive!
Note: Pictures are not in original sizes and in high resolutions.
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My ahma came down early since she’s just staying at the next block.

Say ‘Hi’ to Papa Stitch ^^

So the men arrived and after my brother gave the oranges, the men took their lifetime to come up!
Say ‘Hi’ to the “brothers”.
Watch the Gate-Crashing video below.

After gotten the key out from the ice…

Tang yuan

A family photo before going over to HG’s side.

The red umbrella.

Before heading to HG’s side, alighted somewhere near Esplanade for photoshoot.

Take notice of the brothers’ poses. Lol!

Off to HG’s!

Stay tune for Part 2! 🙂