The Vow.

Woke up at 9am to prepare. 10am the hairstylist came. Regretted not getting her to help me with my makeup too. Dressed up and waited for HG to come and fetch my family and I. Reached Keppel Club late while the rest of his relatives had already arrived. Waited for my mama’s side. 
Solemnization supposed to start at 1230pm but Mr Chong actually forgotten about it! No idea why but im not mad actually. HG’s face totally changed. Since he needed 45 mins to reach, we moved on to have the lunch first.
Went up to Peony Jade. Thumbs-up for the delicious food! Due to the morning sickness, i drank more than i ate. Even my favorite steamed cod fish, i only ate one tiny mouth and got HG to finish my share.
Note: Not all pictures are posted here.
Prefer Wedding pictures cause i look way better. Hahaha!
 Pictures are taken by Lawrence Teo, The Peepshow Machine
Pictures are edited by HG.

The nicest Shark’s fin soup ever!

If im not wrong, some roasted duck w special sauce.
Steamed Cod Fish!!!
Broccoli with abalone.

Scallop with asparagus.

Drunkard chicken? Haha!

Ee-fu noodles.

The most unique mango pudding.

HG’s cute grandpa and my papa.

 After an hour plus, finally Mr Chong came. Headed down to the poolside for the signing ceremony.

Seriously no joke! First time in my life, i got so nervous till i wanna cry! Especially when it was my turn to read the long vow! Many times way nervous than class presentation! But thank God, finally it was over. The short 15mins, got me so sweaty. Lol.

The long handwritten vow by HG.

Dont have to remind me that i look so shag. Morning sickness dragged until the afternoon. I know i’ve became fatter too. Haha! Probably cause too blissful plus the little one is growing.

Im still trying to get used to be called it “Mrs Goh”. Ha!
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