Wedding Photoshoot.
So out of 287 pictures taken, we must choose 25 pictures to be printed on the album. Of course we had a hard time choosing them. Sadly, we have to edit the soft-copies ourselves. Hoping to get the disc with all 287 pictures that we took. But it cost S$800! Well, the usual price is supposed to be 2k.
Just some basic edits so dont expect the pictures to be perfect. Will re-edit when im using my old lappy. Im still unfamiliar with Photoshop. Prefer Photoscape more. I’m not wearing heels in all the photos. Since it was an outdoor shoot, they suggested i should wear a pair of comfy shoes. That was why im slightly shorter than HG. Hahaha!
So after much edits, here are the pictures 🙂
Note: View more pictures in my Facebook album.

Thats all 😉