Wedding Photoshoot.
(Behind the scene)
We got mixed up of the timing so ended up reaching E-Bridal at 10am. We slacked till 11am and finally the makeup artist came. Got changed and first makeup and hairdo done! Kinda heartpain to see my hair being “tortured”. Lol! As in the hairspray etc. I’ve already little hair so to me, my hair is very precious. Haha! Due to the nice weather, we intended to go for outdoor shoot at Botanic Garden, Fort Canning then Sentosa 🙂

Ready, set, GO!
In the car on the way to Sentosa. My curls disappearing ;(

Taken by HG 🙂

Which also the first time that HG kept praising me non-stop. *Shy* He hardly praise me like “you look beautiful” or “you’re pretty”.

About 2.30pm reached the bridal shop. HG packed Indo Fried Rice and we shared. Shag to the maximum! The weather wasn’t nice to us. A moment sunny yet another moment rainy. After lunch, rushed for the indoor shoot. So we started with the evening gown.

Last costume shoot, Japanese!
Cant wait for the 25 pictures to be ready! Yeappppp! Hopefully to get the disc with all our pictures soon too!