Burnt calories and then gain weight again!
Went to East Coast Park with HG, Emo and GS. Yea, slept only few hours and forced myself to wake up. Went Mandai with HG first before meeting them at ECP. Finally after years, i visited my granny. Well, no matter how long your loved one(s) had passed away, somehow, deep inside still miss those wonderful moments that are related to One.

The weather was a killer! The “scooter” we wanna try on was taken away 🙁 So we ended up cycling. But before that, we had our lunch at Burger King. Have you wonder how BIG is the BK Shots?
The advetisement is fake! Showing the onion rings is inbetwee the burger  but no! Its just soggy onion. No wonder is so cheap. All of us had a good laugh. It was alittle spicy too and they didnt mention about it too.

Naked face. Dont have to remind me how ugly i am :)
HG and i rented the special bike. Haha!
Group shot.
Been ages since i last cycled! Haha! I feel old 🙁 Aching all over.
Both of us were trying to act cute like the little boy in a video. Obviously i failed. Haha!
After an hour, we left cause couldnt reserve seats at the place, was fully reserved so we have to go there early.

So after about half an hour, we were at
Yea, SUNSET GRILL for buffalo wings!!! *Slurp. We ordered level 30 which is the spiciest of all! $30 for 6 wings! So, im the first to try… No joke! Still after 2 wings, no tears or sweat (Y) In the end, we managed to finish all of it! 3 of their stomachs were burning! Though it was spicy but shiok! (Y)

Anyone likes the Volcano Ramen at Ajisen? If you do, its like 3 to 4 times of the Volcano spiciness!

Dont call yourself a chili padi if you cant take the spiciness!
Theres a reason why the place is called Sunset Grill…
Last minute we decided to catch movie. So off to Cathay to watch the Water for Elephant then to have supper at Rochor ! Yeap, home sweet home after a long day!