Belen’s 1st Birthday!

The night before i cant get to sleep. Butterflies in my tummy. Felt as if im going to deliver. The excitement of going to pop soon! Haha! Getting pregnant can be addictive but sadly, due to SG high expenses, we have to stop at 2 boys.
Anxious yet worried. Afraid i didnt plan it well as this time round i dont have so much time to plan everything. Lots of packing, to and fro trips etc.
Thankful to have Sheralyn, Max, Regina & her boyfriend who came down early to help me to decorate, prep and packed the goody bags!
The theme for his party was Circus Carnival.
Didnt want to spend much since not many guests attending, so did my own dessert table.
Catering from Ecreative.
mango pudding, chocolate eclairs and orange juice for the guests!

Finally the boys are here! They need to have enough naps before the party. Else, gonna be the crankiest babies in the world!
Little Belen must be wondering what occasion is it that there are many people, many balloons and many food. Haha! Look at his curious face!
That wondering looks of his.
“Where am i changing clothes again? Why changed me infront of some guests?”
As usual, the elder brother got attracted by those goodies! Sneakily trying to have one without getting caught by me!

The daddy and son.

The mommy and son 😀

The birthday boy!
Didnt know he can pose so well. Hahaha!

As usual, hes always hungry -.-

“Beorn! Did you ask your mommy before taking orange juice?!”
So that explained his cheeky face.

Finally chucakes sisters arrived! Hehe! 😀
I guessed that was one of the most exciting part throughout the party. Haha!

Lets see how good my baker is.
Left pic was the one that i sent to her.
Right pic of the cake was what she done.

Awesomeeeeeee right?!?!?! She made the cake even better than the picture that ive sent her! Unbelievable! She isnt just a typical local baker but a baker who went overseas to pursue her passion and she graduated!
She work within your budget and number of pax. Of course, have to be reasonable in terms of pricing. Hehe ^^
The cake looks so pretty that everyone just kept snapping pictures. Hehe ^^ Have to thank my photographer for the good shots too 😀
Check out the small details of the clown! Especially the hair!
Look at the elephant cheeks!
I like the giraffe! So cute!!!
If you’re keen to engage chucakes, can contact them via Facebook or Instagram !
Remember to like or follow them and support!
Quote my name to get special pricing too 😀
Back to posting… so i didnt know Beorn ate so much snacks till i gotten all the pictures from the photographer.

And when he realized he was being snapped…

The birthday boy got a little tired already. Had to bring forward the surprise for him.

“hey hey everybody! Is me, Mickey Mouse. You wanna come inside my clubhouse? Alright, lets go!
Oh, i almost forgot. To make the clubhouse appear, we get to say the magic words…” (So yea, i memorised it well.)

He got a shock that Mickey Mouse came alive! Haha! Look at his expression!

After awhile, we heard Beorn crying loudly! We didnt expected him to scare of mascot1

Cake cutting time!

Group shots.

Time to give out the goodie bags! Beorn, my little helper 😀

Beorn’s favourite “hanana” zehzeh who used to bake banana cake for him. Hehe!

Thats the end! Hehe! I hope Belen enjoyed himself.

Thank you to all guests that attended Belen’s 1st. Without your presence, the boy wouldn’t have such enjoyable birthday celebration.
Thank you Yee Hoi Chai for helping me to book the function room.
Thank you Hernameis 레지나 Wan Zhong Wei Max Yoong and Sheralyn Danielle for coming early and helped out with the setting up and decoration.
Thank you to Tan Chu Sin for making sucha beautiful cake for Belen! (To enjoy special rate, pls quote my name.)
Once again, thank you all for your red packet and/or gift to Belen. He’s definitely a blessed boy with you all around!