Belen’s Fabulous Five!

This year birthday theme, Belen chose Iron Man. Iron Man and Hulk has been Belen’s favourite superheroes. I took 4 months to plan and research. Searching for the right and suitable venue wasn’t easy especially with a specific budget to work within. Then to decorations, photographer, cake, kids’ activities, goodies and catering. A lot of calculations invovled and due to the venue’s regulations, I can only select their approved vendors from the list. Which made it even harder.

Site-seeing some venues and finally decided to try out Bove by Spring Maternity. They do have available rooms for rental. As the hours stated in the package was fixed, no choice but to pay for additional hour to do the setting up and tearing down. In total i’ve 4 hours to work within, from setting up to the party and duration of the activities, cake-cutting and tearing down. It was crazily rush!

On the day of celebration, it was the 1st day of road closure but some rehearsal. Vendors and guests came late. Thankfully I’ve my brother, Sheralyn and her partner to help me with the setting up. On the other side, many ended up going roundabouts to find ways to enter the carpark or to alight. Everything was held back by an hour late. Some friends gotta gave the party a missed due to an hour of waiting and driving aimlessly.

D.I.Y Dessert Table and Decoration

My always-go-to caterer, Stamford Catering

The backdrop

The Coolest Palm with LED

Childen’s Goodies Bags

After most of the children arrived, let’s get the party started! At first i was abit worried that the magician wont turn up because he was late for 45 minutes? I panicked alittle because I didnt have his mobile number but only the salesperson from PartyMojo. Yet i called, no one answer. Luckily he appeared and hurrily set up. Soon after, managed to gather the active children to be seated.

While the children are being occupied, it was time for the parents to have a proper meal in peace? Haha! I’ve attended a few children’s parties and usually not much activities or none for the children. The poor parents like me having to chase after the boys or finding all ways to keep them entertained =p

After the tricks and laughters, the children were smart. They saw another guy in a clown-like costume sitting at the other side. Automatically ran over, formed a queue and told the balloonist on what they wanted. I am amazed! The Singapore’s favourite queuing hobby surprisingly influenced the younger ones too! Haha! No cut-queue or fights. I am so proud of them!

Just for this day, the husband gotten some playlists ready. So the last surprise and activity for the children will be….


It was challenging to capture a proper shot of Belen and the Iron Man lookalike =P Not just a plain and boring appearance, but the husband and I gotta communicate and let the Iron Man lookalike to appear at the right timing too. With some lighting effects too ok! Haha!

Here are the shots of our lovely guests and the Iron Man lookalike.

Moving on to the cake-cutting! Thanks to the magician for hosting! A quick “ending” as it passed Belen’s bedtime, 7.30pm! The small sleepy eyes and his crankiness went around being a little terror. Thanks to our usual baker for the cake and creativity. The usual comments we heard are always the cake was too real that it dont look like a cake, the cake was a display, the super fresh and soft sponge cake etc.

Sharing some group shots. A pity that didnt get to take more shots and also missed out taking with some as they left early or came later.

Still, a big THANK YOU to everyone who made it happened!

After Belen’s 1st birthday, we no longer plan a big party for him. There’s an old saying that not every child is blessed to have such a big party. Back then, be it after his baby shower celebration or 1st birthday, he felt really ill and was admitted for nearly 1 whole week. Even his 2nd birthday, 3rd and 4th… where we celebrated among ourselves, he fell ill again right after the day and was admitted. I called it a curse.

I had done numerous research and preventions and tried all kinds just to stabilize his medical condition. It wasnt easy and defnitely spent a bomb. We have to comfort ourselves that money can be earned and health is important. Since he was 4 years old, I stopped him from having any citrus fruits or any food containing it. Im thankful that family, relatives and school are working hand in hand with me. After 3 months, i saw improvement. Also, I started giving him Nordic Naturals Fish Oil. After 6 months, we no longer needa rely on any inhalers or to visit his PD. Not just his health, after we stopped all the inhalers, his height suddenly shot up! At one shot, he cant fits most of his tops! Till today, he no longer uses any inhalers!

This 5th birthday party, was definitely a big one for Belen! After a few years of not having celebrations, and as he is growing, he said i am being unfair of not planning his birthday parites for the past few years. So i took the risk and hoping that the curse doesnt exist anymore. He being a social butterfly, he truly enjoyed himself that evening with everyone even though he rarely spoken to any adults. He even questioned on why didnt i plan any activities for the adults. As promised, it will also be the last big party since he is growing up and getting older. Hehe

Watch the video here or below