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Few months ago, an ex-colleague of mine shared with me about her happy purchases from Essentially Oils. I was considering and trying my luck to see if there’s any essential oils to help to boost the boys’ immunities and Belen’s eczema. Glad that my ex-colleague, a good friend for sharing Essentially Oils with me 🙂

Belen used to be under Dr John Chiam’s care. But almost every 2 – 3 months we have to purchase all of his creams, body wash and shampoo as it ran out. Due to the frequency, it resulted to costly bills. Each time we purchased it, we paid a sum of $400 – $500+. His creams does works but whenever Belen’s eczema recovered and disappeared, after a few days, it came back again. We didn’t stop immediately. I will continue to applying the cream for another week.

Hence decided to look for another option, at a more affordable rate. Decided to give Essentially Oils a try. Florence is a nice and patient lady. She could have just sell me the balms but no, before selling and recommending the right balms for my children, she asked me tons of questions! Which makes me feel that i am am important customer and that she isn’t just out there to simply earn but to help too!

A mommy used to recommend me to using thieves essential oil for Belen due to his frequent bronchitis/asthma. I nearly purchase it but thank God i didn’t. Because it could worsen Belen’s eczema condition! Glad that Florence shared and explained to me 😀

A little summary about Essentially Oils’ team.

Being parents of eczema kids, they felt the urgency to develop products, safe for even sensitive skin. For this, the founder went for holistic healing related courses such as diploma in aromatherapy to acquire the knowledge to develop all natural products. With this, they are developing blends suited for Asian health ailments and expanding their client base ever since.

Products listing updated as of 3 Dec 2017.
Image credit: Essentially Oils

Type of Blends & BalmsPricing
Immunity Booster30g - $17.90
10ml - $16.90
Ah Choo!30g - $17.90
10ml - $16.90
I Wana Zzz30g - $17.90
10ml - $16.90
Happy Tummy30g - $17.90
10ml - $16.90
Pain Pain Go Away!30g - $17.90
10ml - $16.90
Smoothe Me!30g / 10ml - $23.90
Itch No More!30g - $17.90
Fungal No More!30g Gel - $17.90
Love My Skin! Moisturising Balm30g - $19.90
Age No More! Serum10ml - $23.90
Happy Woman, No PMS10ml - $19.90
Cellulite Buster10ml - $19.90
Bye Stretchmarks!10ml - $23.90
Detox Away!10ml - $18.90
Grow Hair Grow - Hair Oil15ml - $19.90
Stay Focused!10ml - $19.90
Stay Sane!10ml - $23.90
Disinfectant30ml Spray - $8.90
30g Gel - $9.90
Shoo Shoo! Mozzie Repellent30ml Spray - $9.90
30g - $17.90
Migraine No More!10ml - $17.90

They also have travel kits and trial kits! So if you’re afraid to paying for the full-sized product(s), you can try the trial kit first. Products list and price list stated above is updated as of 3 Dec 2017. Check them out for full product listing 🙂

Oh, Essentially Oils puts in a lot of efforts in designing and making sure their customers understand their products and what they’re buying. For each different type of balms or blends, it comes with a description card or info card! They’re not just comes in digital but in paper form! For each type of balms or blends that you’ve ordered, Florence will include the info cards in the parcel! So, don’t have to remember the individual item usage and uses for 😀

My first purchases! 😀
I’ve purchased my 2nd round of products already. Moving on to my 3rd purchase soon for travel purposes!

No regrets purchasing cause any types of the balms or blends, the fragrances can work as mosquito repellent too 😀 As the boys are pro to getting mosquito bites, i realised whenever i apply it on the boys, mosquito-bite-free! The fragrance of the balm can be quite strong for some but definitely not an awful smell 🙂

Of course the main thing is, Smoothe me works for Belen’s eczema condition 😀 He likes it too as his skin feels cooling and it actually can put him into good sleep! I mean sleep tight and well 😀 It won’t makes him feel drowsy, it is just the nice fragrance coming out from the balm.

Can’t wait to purchase, click here to order!

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