My 2015.

Before the end of Year 2015, on this very last day of the Year of 2015, I want to draft down the important events, happy and unhappiness moments and ending the year, leaving the unhappiness behind.

I finally went back to workforce in March! People often say once mommies leave the workforce for a year or more, they gonna have a tough time getting a job and getting a cut in salary too. Well, not for me. I am lucky and blessed to gotten jobs with higher than my expected salary even though i stopped working nearing 3 years!

First job was in a semi-private clinic as a patient service associate. Glad to have met awesome colleagues like Nydiah, Sheralyn, Cheah, Rebecca, Shela etc.

After my 3rd day of work, my beloved grandfather passed away on the 12 March. Suddenly i felt lost. Everything that happened on that day, i remember it well. Even the time that i received the phone call from the nurse. Just nice that day had a huge fight with the husband. I was torn apart. No one know how i feel. Throughout the years of him admitting in and discharging out from hospital, handling his medications, getting and applying grants and subsidies, getting free hospital bed and wheelchair, free supplies of milk and guiding the helper, and now, gone. Then to managing the wake and the financial. At the very last day, i thought i could hold back my tears after the last round of walking around him, but i can’t. Big droplets just kept rolling down on my face. Then, many followed and cried. I didn’t want to make it hard for him to leave the earth, but i can’t take it.

Back to the work. Sometimes being a fast learner isnt a good thing. People just dump more work to you be it whether is it your job scope or not. I hesitated a lot before resigning. The only thing that held me back was my colleagues. The husband and parents wasn’t happy that i am working there due to long hours, burnt weekend and overtime. Overtime can only claim after a certain timing too, else claim hours. Even though it was super duper nice to where i am staying now, but i decided to leave.

The management definitely need a lot of improvements. Self-claimed is flexible but actually not. Before resigning even double-checked if i am a confirmed staff (just nice 3 months), and management said not yet. So i tendered the next day, i was told that i am confirmed. I was like WHAT?! If i’ve not confirm, i only need to serve 2 weeks notice. Else, 2 months! No choice, I served the 2 months.

In the 2 months, a lot of things happened at home too. Helper, parents and with the husband. Health was bad. Got into post-concussion and admitted to do scans. Nothing wrong with my brain but my back. Now i know why i often get back ache. Other than serving the 2 months notice, I do research and determined to get a new job immediately after the last day of work at the clinic. I am glad that i managed to push myself. Proud of myself ^^

In June, my Belen turned 1 year old! Since then, his health been bad. September and October was worse when haze came attacked. Beorn wasn’t any better too. The haze definitely burnt many parents’ pockets too.

Right after leaving the job, the following week, i reported to my new workplace! The sweet husband woke up earlier and sent me there. Orientation took quite a while then to work desk. It’s my first time working in a big company. Got a shocked when i saw the whole place and after knowing the number of staff in here. Thank God everyone is nice there too! Even overtime also do it until very happily =D

In September, Beorn turned 3! Unbelievable! Now i know why people say having kids, time flies and we will grow old faster without knowing. Enrolled him in pre-nursery. At the first month, definitely hard for everyone because he can’t adapt. But glad that he’s fine now and loving school.

October, went to visit the husband’s late grandfather. It was his 1st death anniversary. Dread to go to seeing the particular person. The person made me regretted visiting. Not gonna elaborate much. All i can say is the person gotten karma for being ill-treating Beorn and being so bad towards us that the boys don’t like the person. At night, had HaiDiLao with the husband and siblings. Finally got to try out their manicure on Halloween. Haha!

December, it was my fil’s death anniversary. That day just kept having heavy rain. Busy Decemeber. I never like December since 3 years ago i had my miscarriage due to the person. I doubt i will ever let it go. I will bear the grudge forever as long as the person is alive.
Had Christmas Eve Buffet at Carousel with the boys. I’m glad that the boys are well-behaved. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Then a mini gathering with my maternal’s side. Enjoyed such festive season with loved ones.

Today, my mother and sis going Hong Kong again. Gonna be independent again till they’re back! I need my sleep!

Ending my Year 2015 with deprived of sleep! Haha!