Genting Dream Cruise (Day 1)

This time, we have decided to go ahead taking Dream Cruise, which is under Genting. After the previous cruise trip, the husband was saying cruising is gonna be an annual trip for my parents and our little family yet i told him, nah. Haha! Look, this time we’re on Dream Cruise! Because it was more towards the Chinese Cantonese cuisine. As everyone was looking forward to it, searching and watching Youtube videos about the ship, me being worried and busy to get those documentation prepared, purchased of insurance and dietary. From booking of the cruise to making payment, card details, connecting rooms, special diets for my vegetarian parents, cruise map so my father and grandma dont have to walk far to the dining areas, booking of transport to Marina Bay Cruise Centre etc. The day before departing, busy me was rushing to pack the luggage, hand-carry bags and Belen’s medications and creams.

Our vehicle picked us up from at 4pm then to pick my parents and grandma. The moment we reached Marina Bay Cruise Centre, our jaws dropped. First, we are supposed to pass our luggage or bags to the staff in exchange of a bag tag. Most of them stood together as a group and gave us unhappy looks as we arrived and interrupted their chit-chat. Had a hard time trying to understand the lady but she talks refusing to open her mouth. So she got to repeat multiple times until another colleague came. Not any better. No clear instructions, simply used the hand pointing to the table at the side.

Stepped into the centre, long and messy queues are everywhere! Security guards are everywhere too and each time you approach either one to ask for instruction or direction, you will get a different answer. There are only 3 self-ksiok machines with a super long queue. One of the guards approached and told me to queue for manual check-in since shorter queue and i’ve elderly with me. When approaching the counter, another guard stopped me and told me i’ve to queue to self check-in. Got me frustrated being pushed around like a ball! Then finally the guard allowed us to go for manual check-in. As usual, went up a level and queue again… They split everyone into different section. We waited 45 minutes for our section to be called to go on board! I thought my check-in experience before boarding Royal was pretty bad, this time it was worst!

After queuing at the custom, no one is allowed to stopped near to the ship to take pictures or group shots. You wanna get it, you gotta sneakily capture it fast when the security guard turns his back. The security guard was really fierce to anyone who stand close to the ship or railing.

On-board, was welcomed by the crews and children are to wear the tag all the time. Everyone was given a lanyard too. Finding the staterooms wasn’t as tough as when we got onto Royal. Glad that Genting Dream managed to gave us a connecting room as my parents and grandma cant speak and understand in English well. By the time we got into our rooms, it was evening. After a quick exploring the stateroom and admiring the view from the balcony, off we went to have our dinner!

Finding a big table was as usual tough as many big families were there too. Didnt capture any pictures of the food and layout of the buffet as was busy settling down and feeding all. But here, the jellies! In terms of cleanliness of the utensils and culteries, definitely needs to be improved.

Had a quick dinner and we went to explore the pools area to enjoy the night views!

Watch our 1st day onboard at Genting Dream Cruise!