Genting Dream Cruise – Day 2

Started our day at 7am and headed down to the Chinese restuarant for dim sum breakfast. The moment we sat down, they started serving us food and tea. It came with a fixed menu and the kitchen will prepare the portion accordinly to the number of pax. My parents are vegetarian hence they waited quite awhile for their special requested meals. Actually not awhile, it took about 30 minutes. The food portions are huge and enough to keep us all occupied eating while waiting for the meals to be served. We loves the fried dark sauce noodles and had 2 big bowls to share! The boys had many rounds of the salted eggs buns too. Every of their buns are freshly made!

After a satisfied breakfast, off to explore! We didnt get off the ship instead we used this opportunity to take our own sweet time walking around and also Beorn had a great time at the pool area. Otherwise, everywhere and every activities are crowded.

Being on cruise is all about eating isnt it? Yea, it was lunch time! We went to the same Chinese restaurant that we had our breakfast at earlier on. As usual, fixed menu and this time round, the food portions are huge! We didnt have another round of serving as we struggled finishing too. My grandma definitely enjoyed their Chinese food. We are glad to see her eating so much! Not just my grandma, we love all the flavours and cooking style of the dishes! In terms of service, Genting Dream definitely needs more improvements. The servers aren’t as smiley, cheerful, helpful and observance comparing to Royal Caribbean.

If service is secondary to you, food is primary and if you likes Chinese food, Genting Dream would suits you. For vegetarians, Genting Dream have more food choices as compared to Royal Caribbean. For me, I am fine with both Genting Dream and Royal Caribbean as both have positives and negatives. For Royal Caribbean, I paid for the highest photograph package and after the trip when i received the soft copies, then realized all the dates are wrong. Despite trying to reach out to them, I was being ignored. The after-service was a real disappointment.

For dinner, instead of going for the free buffet, the husband and I went to try out the popular teppanyaki. Remember to make reservation even before ya board the ship! We enjoyed the short perfomances by the chef. I likes strong flavours so it would be even better if there are more seasonings to the food. Overall, it was a great experience. The desserts might not look appetitzing but it was good! Check out the perfomances via the video below.