Our very 1st family overseas trip to
Hong Kong Disneyland!

This trip was rather impromptu. The husband wanted to bring me for honeymoon. Me being a mother, felt guilty as i didnt bring the boys with me to Bangkok, so suggested to bring them to Hong Kong Disneyland since they always wanted to go. We also used this opportunity to bring our helper along. Took it as rewarding her for loving our boys and taking care of them.
Our SQ flight was at 7.35am on the 22nd Feb 2017. Upon booking the tickets, totally forgotten that will need to check in at least 2 hours in advance! Haha! So pre-booked a 7 seaters cab at 4am. Luckily the night before, the kids fell asleep at 7pm. So when they woke up at 3.30am, no crankiness ^^
Checked in our luggages early and had our breakfast. Was feeling worried yet nervous. Was worrying if they can sit still for 3 hours +, whether will they get cranky and started fussing. Because they can never sit on a chair for even more than 15 minutes! Haha!
Luckily before the plane even takes off, both fell asleep ^^ So it was awesome! No crying when plane took off too. Upon serving their kids’ meals, the boys were overjoy! (Remember to pre-select your meal before departure date) For we adults, we took what was offered except for my helper that i opted for muslim meal.
Kid’s meal
My breakfast.
Landed safely at Hong Kong airport. It was huge too! But the moment we stepped out of the airport, our lungs felt so “dusty”. The air was rather badly polluted but the weather was cool. We took a cab to Disney’s Hollywood Hotel. Was amazed that a normal cab can accommodate all of us and 2 big luggages & 2 small luggages!
The moment we alighted at the hotel, impressed by their services. Placed our luggages at the lobby then proceed with the check-in. The check-in took quite some time as i took the Three Magical Day – Getaway Package. After doing so much research and calculation, for us, the package was worth it! As Belen is below 3 years old so basically everything for him are free ^^ We added 1 additional adult (helper).
The admission tickets.

Upon checking in, all of us was like “woah!” Disneyland really put in a lot of efforts in decorating and designing the place! After settling down, took the free shuttle bus to Crystal Lotus Restaurant at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. Luckily we managed to reached on time for the dim sum.

Note: If you’re not staying at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, reservation only available 30 days before arrival date. If you’re staying in the hotel, you can reserve 3 months before.
Set menu
Hotel Guest – HKD388 Nett
Non-hotel Guest – HKD426 Nett

** A minimum order quantity for set : 2 **

For reserving the set menu and dim sum that you want, remember to call them and request for menu 24 hours in advance before your arrival date. Disney dim sum only available upon reservation. Disney dim sum only available on weekends and Public Holiday! In short, you can’t just dine in and order for this and that dim sum as the chefs required time to handmade and design the dim sum individually.

Our 2 ala carte dim sums that i ordered beforehand,
2 portions of Baymax Buns
Filling: Red bean paste
I never like red bean but it was good.
2 portions of Twin Fish Dumplings in Lotus Pond
Filling: Fish meat
To dip the fish meat with the spinach gravy.
Every part of it are edible!
We ordered 4 set meals. Both boys shared 1 set.
Char Siew buns
Pandan Buns
Mickey’s Seafood Glutinous Pancakes
Crabmeat with Egg yolk & fish roes soup.
This was good too!
Lemon Fried Chicken Cutlet with Sesame seeds.
Mini abalone with fried rice.
Duffy Steamed Sweet Bun with mango pudding.
After our dim sum lunch, went to the souvenir shop.
As the boys only short of Jessie toy, so here it is!
Sadly they dont have samples.
Regretted that i didnt get more!
Took the shuttle bus back to our hotel to rest. Showered the boys and unpack some stuffs before heading over to Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel for buffet dinner at Enchanted Garden.
We didnt go to Disneyland as by the time we are done checking-in was already 1pm and Disneyland closed at 7pm for the parade and firework. Dont wanna waste a day admission ticket so we are only going in on the next day.

Buffet dinner at Enchanted Garden comes with 2 time slots. 1st slot is 5.30pm to 7.30pm and the 2nd slot is from 8pm to 10pm. As i can only booked a month before arrival date, only time slot left was 5.30pm to 7.30pm. Its a must-go as not just normal buffet dinner but there will be meet-and-greet Disney characters!

Per adult – HKD518
Per child (below 3 years old) – HKD348

** Prices are excluding tax & GST **
If you’re staying in any of the Disney hotels, remember to tell them to enjoy discounts!
Not forgetting, give your booking number or room number!

The food spread was good with many varieties! Same for the dessert section! But i think we enjoyed the meet-and-greet more than the food. Haha! As every few mouth we had, the next character will appear for phototaking session.
If you forgotten to bring camera or phone battery dies, no worries! For every character, there will be a photographer accompanying. Let the photographer do the job! Was amazed how their photography works!
For every table, they will put a Photopass card on it. Every character appears and every shot taken, the photographer will use a handy machine & scan the Photopass card QR code. Download the Photopass app & scan the QR code and you will be able to view the images! Not just any normal shots! But it comes with frame and Disney characters’ signing off!
Note: To view the images without any hassles, to purchase the Photopass +. Once purchased, you can view the images and download it in high resolution! You can purchase it via the app or any souvenir shops.
If you’re taking the same packages as me, redeem the Photopass + at any souvenir shops in hotels before going for the meal. As the package inclusive of 2 Photopass +!
Things to note:
1. For any booking / reservations for meals, to call them & always give your hotel confirmation booking number.
2. To purchase Photopass + to view all photographers’ shots.

3. Download Hong Kong Disneyland App.

Total expenses:
Air tickets for 3 adults 2 child – SGD2.1k
Accommodation & package for 3 adults 1 child – SGD2.5k
Dim sum lunch at Crystal Lotus – SGD350
Buffet dinner at Enchanted Garden – SGD330

Stay tune for Day 2!