Hong Kong Disneyland Day 3!

Up early for buffet breakfast again at Chef Mickey! The boys had been waiting to take pictures with Mickey Mouse, so here are the shots!

The weather was even colder than passed 2 days! We went up to wear more tops before taking the shuttle bus to Disneyland. Haha! When i say is cold, is really cold! Haha!

Before we start our day at Disneyland again, we rented a stroller with rain cover. We got Belen in it so at least we can shop without having to chase after him or prevent his hands from taking stuffs. Haha!

It was shopping time! We tried to finish at least 3/4 of the place yesterday so we get to have more time to shop for souvenirs ^^ We started shopping at around 11am and done at 1.30pm. Haha! Other than busy getting souvenirs for others and ourselves, we went around hunting for the boys’ room decor too. Even our helper had a great time spending money there. As expected, we spent close to SGD1k for everything. My helper even mentioned it was a well-spent SGD500 for her. Haha! The shopping was even more great because Belen fell asleep throughout!

The boys was complaining hungry so off to a fast food restaurant, Comet Cafe which is near to the Ironman attraction.

As usual, we used the meal coupons!
Our helper tried the Grilled Chicken with rice. The tomato sauce spoilt the food. Mehhh!

The beef burger with cheese tasted not too bad.

The husband ordered steak.

The kids’ fish&chips.

After the meal, we went to try the Iron Man Experience ride with Beorn as Belen was too small. Still prefer the USS Transformer ride. Haha! Then to the Orbitron ride and the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. We enjoyed the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters! Watch the video at the end of the post.

Orbitron ride while Beorn was napping.

We caught the Flights of Fantasy Parade! Sadly Beorn missed it as he was pretty sick and fell asleep in the stroller.

Poor Beorn woke up shivering. The husband hurried to get a cup of hot chocolate for the boys. The weather was not only cold but the cold wind just made it even colder. Even we adults are also freezing.

Off to catching the Mickey’s Philhar Magic show! My Belen was having a good time in there and busy clapping his hands again ^^ Then we went around exploring the whole Disneyland again since it was our last day.

Carousel ride! All kids’ favourite!

This is Beorn, my elder son.
Whenever i sees this shot, my eyes get teary. How kind hearted, gentle and forgiving is he yet during the worse & toughest time in his growing up, we didn”t protect him well. Till today, we still blame ourselves for being workaholics and naive. Guilty that he had to go through such. We learnt from it and trying even harder to be a better parent to him. To help him overcome his fears and hopefully he can forget what had happened.

This is Belen, my younger son.
Looking adorable right? When he is happy, he is really happy. But when moodswing strikes, no one could handle his temper. He is daddy’s boy. Little Belen’s health havent been good since he was 1 month old till today. Hospital was like his 2nd home. Fingers crossing and really hoping his immune system will get stronger and health to get better. Alot of our attention are given to him due to his poor health that we neglected Beorn. As we are learning to be better parents, we are trying to balance our love and attention.

When the horse baby sitting on a horse. Haha! I cant decide which picture to post so decided to post all.

Happened to saw a photographer at the area so got him to help us take some shots since we already have the Photopass + to download all the photos. Remember to get the Photopass card from him  (if you dont have any) or pass the photographer your Photopass card for him to scan.

Note: You can’t use the same Photopass card everyday. Brand new day = New Photopass card.

The power of their photographers! Haha! Now i know why they asked us to pose likethis.
See! The tiny Tinkerbell!

Proud of myself to pose without expressing my struggle on my face. Haha! No joke to carry a 19kg child with one hand only. Never mind, worth it since they added balloons for me. Haha!

My requested pose.
So proud of my husband cause he always failed in posing. So surprised that without any guidance or mirror, our heart shape does look like a heart. Haha!

This was 3/4 of what we bought. Another 1/4 given to their owners already. Haha!

I am glad that my last minute planning of the itinerary turned out pretty well. All of us enjoyed. Taking slow stroll and happily exploring. That was what i wanted instead of mad rushing to each attraction due to shortage of time.

It wasn’t easy to plan this trip especially when my work was overloaded. Having to search for the best rate for air tickets, calculate the cost, reading many blog reviews, getting advices etc. Indeed it was full of Chinese rather than their locals. Especially when my boys are good-looking, literally held their hand everywhere we are. The Chinese can just walked to my boys to talk to them or even try to touch them. Pretty scary.

This trip won’t come true without the husband sponsoring it all!
Not bad right, one trip managed to fulfill everyone’s childhood dream except his own. Haha!
Thanks love!

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