House of GOH
(Let’s go 1st!)

(Warning: Long Post filled with pictures)
I don’t know where to start and how to start but yea, after close to 5 years, finally our little house is ready! On the 9th December 2016, it was our turn to collect the house keys! On that day, it was a mixed emotions day. Excited, worried, happy and sad at the same time. Sad because all our CPF funds got wiped out! Worried because don’t know how many hidden charges are there.
From activating the electricity and water supply, paid S$70 (excluding GST) just for their staff to make a trip down. In less than 10 minutes, done and S$70 billed -.- Then to the kitchen stove, activating the gas supply… Best part was upon key collection, yet to even move in, monthly conservative fees started.
If you’re looking to get Fire insurance for your house, i would highly recommend AIG. The premium and the coverage i think is the best so far. Looking for an agent to purchase for your own house? Ask me! I can introduce the right agent for you 🙂
As it was December, everyone is busy going for holiday, clearing annual leave, preparing for Christmas and New Year… hence we hardly get to meet our interior designer. Moving on, January 2017 wasn’t any better due to Chinese New Year and i was busy with my previous company’s Annual Awards Dinner preparation and actual day. Then to our very 1st family overseas trip to Hong Kong Disneyland at the end February 2017 then our short vacation to Batam in March 2017.
After all these happenings, our ID (interior designer) and us made the effort to meet weekly as we need to speed things up. From floor plan to measuring to concept etc. One word to sum up this whole process, tiring!
We engaged Wesley, our interior designer from Homemaker I.D. (Facebook) / Homemaker I.D. (Website). Their office is located at Lengkok Bahru. Probably a 10 – 15 minutes walk away from Redhill MRT station.
Looking for ID for your home or office space?
Contact Wesley @ +65 9008 4457 for quotation, saying referral by me 😉
*I don’t earn any referral fees*
Don’t say i never share good deal ar.

Below is our 3D drawing.
Living Room.

My paradise, Kitchen.

The right side wall tiles are done up by HDB.

Common toilet.

Master bedroom.

We got the HDB to do our flooring and doors. Upon checking, we decided to change all doors except for the main door. We changed our toilets floor and wall tiles too. If you realise, i didn’t show the 3D drawing for the boys’ room as back then, we are still finding the best solution. Because our house is small, we tried to make full use of whatever space we have to have bigger space/storage.

The 3D drawing was just a draft. In the process of renovating, we still made changes to our house. The following pictures are taken almost weekly to see the renovation process.

1st week (End of March 2017)
Doing of wiring electrical work and tiles.

Master bedroom toilet.
Left side wall tiles are from HDB.
The rest of the wall tiles and floor tiles, we changed it.

Common toilet.
Left side wall tiles are from HDB.
The rest of the wall tiles and floor tiles, we changed it.

2nd week
More wiring work at kitchen area, air-con piping and concealing.

Another side of the kitchen.
Wiring for my oven.

Air-con piping

Concealing work.

Master bedroom
3rd week
Boys’ room.
4th week
1st acid wash!
My 1st batch of itemsarrived safely! No regrets purchasing from Taobao. Cheap, good quality and items are well protected.
Toilet clothes hangers.

Our tissue boxes covers.
Very secure yea? Still have to use a hammer to pull our the nails -.-

5th week
Our purchases that we bought from Lights and Bathroom Solutions Pte Ltd @ Thomson Road! If you’re looking for lights, kitchen and toilet necessities, no regrets buying from them! Look for a salesperson, Wei Ze! We are served by him. Thumbs-up for his recommendations and knowledge. No pushy sales too!

Windows finally up @ our service yard!

Finally the racks are up in our storeroom!
(Ahhh, yes the toilet bowl was temporarily placed in the store room due to some incomplete works.)

Master bedroom light was up!

Master bedroom toilet lights are up too!
6th week
Carpentry works are here!
The super messy and cramp living room.

My kitchen!

One side of the master bedroom
The boys’ room

Common toilet

I sacrificed the top cabinet to the husband as he wanna display his alcohols -.-
Bottom cabinet is for our shoes. One look, i got worried. It is only enough for all my footwear excluding the rest of theirs.

The living room / TV console

The empty space for my fridge.

Top cabinets.

The bottom cabinets and drawers.

The walkway to the rooms.
Common toilet.
Master bedroom

Where the TV will be placed at.

The back of our “walk-in” wardrobe,

Boys’ room.
It was drew and designed by the husband with the help of our ID and carpenter too.

The other side

The final week to touch-up.
More loots from Taobao!

Our bowls, cups, saucers & plates are here!
Window grills are up!

My last minute request to do a display shelf above.

Electrical work to add a spotlight in the display shelf.

For our shoes. Apparently not enough. Haha!

Dining area wall!
This is the latest trend now! Momento Wall Painting Art!
It cost a thousand plus just to paint this wall!

Master bedroom.
The wall behind our bed.

The walkway.
With slight colour edits.

The side of the walk way.

Due to feng shui, we officially moved in on the 3rd June 2017.
It was a super hectic weeks when only both of us doing the packing, moving of stuff, unpacking and last minute buys! We got back my parents’ place at 5am, woke up at 7am to send the kids to school and continue with the shifting of things and unpacking -.- It went on for 2 weeks! Our ankles swelled so badly! It was even more shagged as we both fell sick in the 2 weeks too yet no time to waste.

Not only we’ve to pack, move items and unpack from my parents’ place, but from my grandma’s house and my mother-in-law’s place too!

Stay tune for the next post!