House of Goh

(Part 2)

Finally passed 3 months and we can invite guests over to our house! It was a tough 3 months without family and relatives’ help. In the 3 months, really too many things happened! Majorities are bad and all of us kept falling sick. Yet no matter how unwell i am, still have to endure and pull it through with the kids alone. I am glad that i did it!
After the lunar 7th month, we had our housewarming & Beorn’s 5th Birthday party on the 23rd September 2017. Due to the limited spaces and narrow corridor, we booked the outdoor event hall which was a few blocks away.
Thanks to my personal graphic designer for coming up with the e-invitation 😀
Loving it especially the golden key ^^
Everyone was happy for us that after close to 5 years of wait, finally we own a place called home! Hence the housewarming party was a Must! Haha!
The day before the event, we took leave and cleaned the whole house again as we are expecting a lot of “inspectors“. It was tiring but still manageable as the house wasn’t very dirty as it was quite well-maintained by me :p We took about 3 hours to finishing cleaning and mopping.
The night before, pumped up some balloons for table standees.

It was the day! Preparing the cooler box, ice cubes, alcohols etc. While the boys was napping, my mother and grandmother came early to standby in our house while we went out to do balloon collections!

While we’re away, our “doorgift” arrived and Beorn’s birthday cake too.
His birthday cake looks too real to be eaten. There were arguments over the cake. Some say looks like toy, some say it was for display. Haha! Of course, i ordered the cake from Chucakes again ^^ Check out her instagram or Facebook for her bakes! Should you be keen to get her be part of any celebrations, drop her a text or message and get quote 😉 Remember to quote my name!
Rushed back by 4pm and slowly all the vendors came to set-up. Engaged SG Super Bouncing Club to rent a bouncy castle and 2 electric cars for the children. As i was all alone to do the set-up and supervising, hence no time to snap pictures of it.
Rented the Happy Bouncy Castle and cars for 3 hours. Their rates are reasonable and affordable 🙂
Pictures took from SG Super Bouncing Club website.
All along wanted to have dessert table and since the surroundings are boring, decided to go ahead engaging Little Sprinkles! I am thankful that they accepted my last minute confirmation and loving the flexibility! I wanted it white/grey as it was our house theme and easier to match with Beorn’s birthday theme, Transformers. Check them out on their website or Facebook to see more of their themed dessert tables!
Within an hour or so, my macarons all gone and most of it went into Belen’s big stomach -.- Craving for their salted caramel macarons! The husband loves the Oreo cheesecake shooters 😉
Check out the beautiful set-up by Little Sprinkles and my beautiful shots below :p
Next up, caterer finally came! They took quite awhile to set-up. Loving their services, friendly staffs and chef. I was busy entertaining guests that i hardly ate. The staff came to me and asked what do i want, didn’t expected him to get me food! So throughout the night, i only ate 4 slices of ribeye beef and 2 sticks of shiitake mushrooms. Haha!
The caterer was quite flexible as i only need 6 vegetarian bento sets instead of the minimum of 20 sets. Always loving vendors who are flexible! Their vegetarian bento sets are affordable too! Each bento set comes with a packet of drink too!
Live Station – Charcoal Grill Station
Everyone loves it! As usual, loving their flexibilities! As i don’t take mussels hence i asked to change to ribeye beef with additional charge. Guests loving the beef! The beef slices are well-marinated that you can eat it without any sauces and still taste yummy!
Live Station Menu
– Ribeye beef with potato & black pepper sauce
– Wild Argentine Red Prawns served with thai chilli sauce
– Scallop with butter garlic sauce
– Shiitake Mushroom with teriyaki sauce
Their sauces are put separated from the grilled food hence you can choose which sauce you wanna have 😉 Their prawns and scallops are fresh too!
Buffet menu
– Classic Waldorf Salad
– Mini Spring Rolls
– Yangzhou Fried Rice
– Spaghetti Bolognese
– Steamed Cantonese-style Fish (!!!)
– Teriyaki Chicken (!!!)
– Cripsy Tofu with Minced Chicken in Mushroom Sauce (!!)
– Stir fried cabbage with Dried Shrimp and Black Fungus
– Stir Fried Prawn with Chilli Crab Sauce (!!!)
– Chocolate Eclair
– Chilled Mango Sago (!!!)
*Free fruit platter*
Those with !!! means they’re really delicious! It ran out quick! I am glad that the guests enjoyed the food served ^^ The food portions was huge for 45 pax!
We also had photobooth from Elevated Productions for 3 hours. For their rates + instant printout, considered affordable as compared to others with higher rates but not instant printouts.
As usual, my personal graphic designer designed the photo template ^^
Before cake-cutting, Beorn passed me a printout and i was surprised. My sister came and told me that Beorn dragged the big Bumble Bee air-walker balloon to the photobooth himself and told the crews to help him snap a shot with his favourite Transformers character. Beorn is a shy boy. Didn’t expect him to tell the crews to take a picture for him. He is such a big boy now!
Some group shots taken during cake-cutting. Look at the cheeky Belen and Beorn’s pinkish cheeks! I was shocked to see Belen holding the whole packet of popcorn, munching away as he is allergic to it!
One of the group that watched me changed of shape. Haha!

Been going up and down the house, bringing batch by batch up to view our new house as our house is too small to accommodate everyone. We aim to move to a bigger house after 5 years!

Thank you for the invited guests’ presence, gifts, red packets and blessings!
Some even got Belen a gift even though it wasn’t his birthday. Appreciated the sweet thought of them as to prevent from the boys from fighting over a gift.
We are thankful and blessed! 

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Stay tune for part 3, pictures of our house!