House of Goh

(Part 3)

For our very 1st home, we chose Victorian theme. It was my liking ^^ After gotten our keys, we engaged Fengshui master (the husband’s uncle) to have a look at our house. A lot of colours restriction hence we settled with greyish white.

Only gonna post up some shots instead of every corner and every detail of the house.

Main door.
We didn’t use the doorbell that was given.
Spot the doorbell. Many having difficulties finding it. Hehe ^^
Because i am super bad at keeping keys hence digital door lock for us.
Got it with a good deal! Door lock with door camera! So if you’re coming to visit, while waiting for me to open the door, don’t dig your nose. Haha!

Here’s our living room.
Husband’s favourite section, the display cabinet.
Walk-way and our hidden bomb-shelter :p
Common toilet

Most guests are loving the boys’ room, just like us too! The boys’ room was a huge challenge as due to the super limited space, our ID, carpenter and the husband cracked their heads to come out with the best layout.
 One of the best buys from taobao.
It can switch on as night lights or white lights.
Guess which is Beorn’s and Belen’s wardrobe?
The icons are actually stickers done by the husband 😀
Night lights from taobao too.
Master bedroom
Didn’t take some parts of the room, like the tv console area.
Didn’t wanted a dressing table but the husband insisted and saying that every woman should have one. I said i dont need, but ended up 3/4 of the space was taken up by me =p
Wish to have the space to display our perfumes too but no space =(
The cosmetic organizers and victorian lookalike chair from taobao.
Best buy was the chair! Only $75 where retails are selling it $200 – $500++ and they took it from taobao too! You can customise the chair too! Not only in retail. The color of the seat, the material, the paint and the design.
Our paintings done at Boulevart!
Loving our customized pillow cases and momento wall!
My bedside compartments for candles, humidifier and storybooks.
Dining area.
Super best buy from Taobao!

Ceiling crystal lights for $95 only including shipping!

Retail selling it for $400++. Only difference is that you’ve to hang each individual crystal up.
Because of this, i overcome my phobia of height!
Kitchen door.
Welcome to #chefjap and her paradise!
My pan clock from taobao too! $9!
 Felt cheated. Didnt expect they are normal printing poster kinda and stick to a foam board with a lousy quality frame. In short, poor qualities. If i know of the qualities, i would have gotten the husband to design and his buddy to print it for me.
Our customized kitchen hand towel.
Small but classy, i like.
It turned out to be exactly what i dreamt and wanted!
Thanks, Wesley!
Our personalized bath and face towels from Uchino.
Thanks hubby for the good quality towels!
There was a spelling mistake for Belen’s hence his towel not taken.
Uchino was prompt in replying, getting it embroidery fast and mailed to me!
I am happy with the outcome! It was what i wanted after dreaming for years! Even though the wall colours are not up to my likings but due to fengshui, just have to stick to the colours given.
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I’ve gotten my dream house, have you gotten yours? 😉