I am 25 years old.

The saying that when you’ve at least a child, time pass very fast. Its true! No more celebration for me. Cause i feel old now.
Just 2 weeks before the celebration, was admitted. Since then, my mood changed and my life seems to totally changes too! Too much to adapt at one go. People noticed the changes in me but i didn’t realized it. Everyone give in to me as much as they can despite my bad moodswings and attitude. I was depressed. Whenever i thought of it or people concerned about me, i broke down.
Thank you to the husband for sponsoring all. From balloons to cake and to catering. I love the month of May because it was my birthday month means more discounts for many things! I think he got the worse shits from me. I had difficulties controlling my words and own emotions. I just let out on anyone that provoked me without sparing thought for the others. I wasn’t myself.
For the first time in my life, i went shopping alone at IMM for 2 hours. Need some retail therapy to boost up my mood before the party.
Cant forget about my nails. Got manicure done by prettywithcindy again. Thank you for the birthday discount!
To me, on this year, i feel that i am the saddest on this birthday.
Held it at Keppel Club under Sea Scent. Sea Scent is under CJS Catering. Engaged their halal caterer and the food were great! Worth the price and they are flexbible. I am a fussy eater and so, food must be my likings. I requested to have my own menu. Which means i decided my own dishes and they quote me by per pax. I am glad that they agreed so we went ahead.
I had engaged a few different caterers before and CJS Catering impressed many of us! Their decorations and food! Due to the bad weather, the delivery man was late for more than half an hour. Everything else was pushed back. It was like a one-man show. He was late then kept disappearing and took close to an hour to done setting up.
Waitresses at Sea Scent aren’t very willing to help as they need to run the restuarant too. Many times, felt lost and no one to turn to. Disappointed.
Engaged a different company for the photobooth service. Cheaper but of course, there are differences in quality of printouts. As i do not want to engage another photographer just to take cake-cutting shots, theyre very nice to provide free service on that for just a few shots. Appreciate their kindness on that.
Cake, no longer an issue or worry to me. Ever since after approaching the wrong homebased bakery that ruined Beorn’s Thomas cake, i never dare to approach others except Chucakes. Many people are asking if we are related. Related in a way… the baker is my primary school senior and she is my sister’s ex-classmate. Haha! Im not earning any referral fees. I trust her designs and bakes. 1 less worry.
Apparently many cant turn up so leftover a lot of food. No choice but after the party, packed it and delivered to the east.
People who knows me well, gifts doesnt matter. Invited guests’ appearances matters more to me. Still, thank you for the gifts! I didn’t expect more pandora charms though! Haha! Overall, i think enjoyed myself even though am feeling physically tired due to the medications. After the celebration, i missed hanging out with friends, gossiping with ex-colleagues etc. But still no regret marrying young because the husband doesn’t object me having meet-ups with friends 😉
Thank you Regina & Zhong Wei for the gift cards! Have to thank Regina again as every parties, she will be the one who helped to cut the cake. Then have to thank the couple again, as they always stayed back and helped me to clear up. Thank you!!!
The pandora charms,
Thank you cousin, Bao!
Thank you, TSL ex-colleagues (you know who you are)!
Thank you Liza and Hui Ling!
Thanks buddy, Ashley for the YanKee Candle! Its one of my favourite fragance too!
Thank you Cheryl and family for dropping by and the gift set!
Thank you to the guys, Sean and Weihao for the perfume!
Thank you to my boss and Clara for the gift vouchers!
I may feel the saddest on this birthday, but this celebration let me feel loved and blessed.
Thankful for anyone and everyone who changed me to become who i am today.
Because without them, today, i wouldnt be a stronger and independent me.
You can watch the short video below.