I am Japhanie,
the blog owner of sgmumblogger.com
A proud mommy of 2 lovely boys, Beorn & Belen 
We are based in a little tiny red dot, a homely country called Singapore.

A brief introduction

I grew up independently and due to the poor work-life balance in Singapore, every situation and obstacle that i came across made me a stronger person. I was taught to always put others before self. Through this life journey, in certain situations, you just have to put yourself before others 😉 Along the way, i set my own life principles that i will follow it strictly. Some of it, i expect my own family to follow too such as manners. I believe having proper manners and be respectful is everything.

I started blogging since i was 14 years old. Back then, despite having friends, i felt lonely and unheard. Soon after, i realized it is hard to find a true good friend so my blog became my listening ears. Not just that, i read on an article mentioning to improve in writing and speaking of English, One have to read, write and speak much. I grew up in a poor family background where my parents can’t afford to pay for tuition hence I’ve to master my self-learning skills in order to pass my tests and examinations. Because of the environment and tough situations, i gave up many good opportunities. Since young, i was taught that despite being poor, One must still live well and be upright. This phrase, Tough times don’t lasts. Tough men do“, I’ve kept in my mind for the longest time and that what gets me through in every tough times I’ve to face.


I blogged about the positives and negatives. The positive ones will always be kept close to my heart and the negatives, will always be a reminder to myself. Life is always full of surprises and comes with unexpected situations, isn’t it? 🙂 I had fell into depression a few times in my 27 years of life journey, and each time it came back, i overcome it on my own. Definitely can’t afford to seeing psychiatrist and paying for the medication, hence i read up a lot to help myself. I didn’t want to rely on medication as well because since young, clinics and hospitals was my 2nd home and i hate medicines. It took years to master the skills of having a positive mindset, a positive attitude and a positive self. But i am glad that i managed to do it and so, i am hoping to pass my positiveness to people around me.

I always believe that no one can change another, only You can make the changes to be a better self.

My thoughts

We are living in a modern world now and i believe in gender equality. If you’re still living in the traditional days and that strongly disagree on gender equality, certain of my postings might be unsuitable for you. Also, i am a supporter for Pink Dot. To me, everyone have the freedom to love and choosing their own happiness.

Keep me occupied

Other than blogging, i am into…

  • baking
  • cooking
  • drawing
  • photography
  • planning/organizing events
  • gadgets and electronics
  • digital

I am currently a full-time employee, a part-time student, a mom, a wife and an entrepreneur 😀 I enjoy being busy and productive.
Beginning of 2018, i started my own creative agency, Redline Design which provides various services. I am into marketing and excel in it since in ITE. Now, i am moving to Digital Marketing. It is a never ending topic! I am particularly into Web Design and Development. So send an inquiry if you wish to engage me! 😀

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