I am Japhanie,
the blog owner of sgmumblogger.com
A proud mommy of 2 lovely boys, Beorn & Belen 
We are based in a little tiny red dot, a homely country called Singapore.

I started blogging since 2008. The intention was to note down all the good and bad memories that happened in my life. I treat blogging as a self-reflection tool. To look back on the past memories, to improve myself to be a better self, wife, mom, friend and colleague. It is a reminisces those wonderful memories too! 😉 Other than my personal life, also wish to share awesome deals, product(s) and or service(s) and good food! Sharing is caring 

We are living in a modern world now and I believe in gender equality. If you’re still living in the traditional days, that strongly disagree on gender equality, my blog posts might not suit you 😉

I blog with my honest opinions, feelings and thoughts. I always believe in being the real Self and the real You, will make One happier. Why be someone whom you’re not and be fake about it? YOLO, so just be yourself! I always believe that no one is born to please everyone in this world. At least you know who are those people who can accept the real You and get rid the fake souls 😉 Judgemental and nasty feedbacks will be ignored. Haters gonna hate yea?

Other than blogging, I am also into photography. Currently, all the images are taken using my iPhone 7 Plus. The camera is awesome!

I am a full-time photographer taking beautiful shots of my boys because they only grow up once! I am also into creating websites, coding, creating templates etc when I’ve the time. Arts & music are part of my life too. I use to be from the concert band, percussion section 😀 I learnt how to play the violin for a short period of time. I love cooking and baking too! I’ve probably gotten some genes from my father who is a cook/chef 🙂

I’ve never knew that I will be blogging for so many years now although I am not a very active blogger. After revamping my blog into a new website, it gives me the motivation to keep me blogging!

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