The last month of the Year 2017!

I believe December is almost everyone’s favourite! Looking forward to clearing work leave, going for holidays, Christmas and to a brand New Year! Here’s a summary on how i spent my December 🙂

7th December, it was the school end-year concert held at The Chevrons. A rather busy day. Woke up early to prepare breakfast and fruit juices for the boys. Since they’re not going to nap, they need more sugar to keep themselves awake! Told the boys to do their best and remember to put on a smile while dancing. Even if they’ve forgotten the dance steps, just dance only. Haha!

Rushed from doctor’s appointment to The Chevrons. We missed the start of the concert 🙁 This time, my mother and sister went along too. We are all excited to see how well the boys are gonna be! When Beorn came out in an indian costume, “wow!“, it looked so good on him! Probably cause of his fair skin tone, he was able to bring out the colours well! Then, when we saw little tiny humans standing on the stage in darkness, was trying to figure out which class till i saw Belen scratching his head, i was like “that’s my son! the way he scratches his head!” Haha! I was right about it!

To our surprises, Belen danced really well! Was so worried that he might have stage fright but noooooo! Glad that he was the lead and happily dancing away! Awwww~ He melted our hearts! Haha!

9th December, my siblings came over to cook japanese instant ramen that my sister bought it from Japan. The husband went to Isetan the day before to get fresh pork belly for me to brew it. Thanks to online recipes, my braised pork belly turned out tasty after 1.5 days of boiling! Not forgetting, first try making the japanese soft boiled eggs (Ajitsuke Tamago). We boiled 12 eggs and only 2 failed!

Overall: 2.5/5

Nothing special though. The soup was salty even after adding slightly more water as stated on the packaging. If you close your eyes to taste it, you probably thought you’re drinking diluted soya sauce :p I’ve tried adding the chilli powder and chilli oil, it tasted the same still. Haha! Wouldn’t recommend it.

Met my mil at Vivo City with the boys to get their Christmas gifts. It was the 1st time i started shopping at 10.30am in Vivo. I must say it is probably the best time to shop with no crowd on a Saturday morning. So went to Toys’R’Us, we met the mascot!

The boys took their own sweet time to walk around and choose their best Christmas gifts. I believe my mil also enjoyed herself walking around and following the boys too. Lesser crowd, happy kids, happy shopping 😀

After payment, queuing to get the gifts wrapped up! While waiting for the husband to come over after his work event, did some window shopping and had a long chat with the mil outside Jpot. Of course, the boys had a great time running around since not many shoppers yet.

The boys sure enjoyed themselves with their grandma 😉 It was true that grandchildren do have the power to make people change their behaviours or attitude. Positive changes are always good. I am glad that things got better and the boys are closer to her now too. It took me years to master the skills of having the elderly to respect my decision and choices especially due to Belen’s health conditions. It was never easy but never stop fighting for your children as long as your reasons are valid and beneficial for them.

The next day, Belen finally get to go swimming with Beorn! We waited very long for his eczema to disappear before allowing him to get down to the pool. As many said swimming is good for asthmatic kids. Sadly after he got down the pool for 30 minutes, he started scratching and skin became really dry. Belen was afraid of the pool. After warming up, the fear of water disappeared 😀

So while Beorn was having his swimming lesson, the papa was having fun with Belen. Glad that Belen loves “swimming” too!

Moving on, Christmas lunch with the bosses at Jem. We had a great time, with good ambience, good beer and good food at Starker Q. A good Friday night hangout place 😉 Prices are affordable too.

Christmas was around the corner! So we decided to put up decorations and had our first Christmas party at our new place! Our house might be small but with everyone in it, felt cosy though. We ordered some food from Toby’s and homecooked some food too. It is always so good to be kids having so many gifts!

2017 been up and down year for us. We are looking forward to 2018, an even better year for all of us and everyone around us too. Good health, wealthy and be happy! 🙂 Here’s a last family shot taken before we welcoming 2018!