Not a Goodbye.

After being treated like a fool by our previous helper, Lorna Ringor Lorenzo (G****659T /  0 ******6511) we’ve phobia in engaging and trusting helpers.
We picked her up on the 22nd October 2014 and had a feast that night. 2 months after, she complaint that my mil stole her $10. We do not want to confront my mil as we find it funny as why would my mil wanna steal Lorna’s $10. So the husband “returned” her. At the first few months, Lorna didnt take full salary but only her allowance + off days. We didnt doubt her too.
Moved back to my parents’ place, after a few months, we received a Singtel bill which puzzled us as no one uses the simcard. Yet now we got the bill. So we tried to dig out the simcard but was no where to be found. We got Singtel to send us the call list and turned out all calls was to Philippines. A lot of ding ding dong dong here and there. Lorna didnt admit too. (Every week we will let her skype to call back to her family.)
My parents treated her like part of the family but she took it for granted. Used alot of detergents and soaps. Wasted a lot of food. Spoilt the mop twice then rice cooker. The husband’s and the boys’ new clothes also got flew away by the wind.
Last year November, the husband suddenly lost $50. Lorna told him that it was me who took it. Of course being husband and wife for a few years, we know each other well. Whenever before we take anything out from each other’s wallet, we will ask for permission. Trust. The husband didnt doubt me but told me that Lorna pointed finger. Next day, i lost $20. I left my wallet in the dinning table for less than 5mins! Lorna was the only one in the living room. Yet she denied and told me it was the husband who took my wallet.
Then, she requested for additional off day for a period of 6 months to learn cooking. So we approved. In the same month, she went through my mother to borrow $400 for her daughter’s hospitalization in country. As she used to always mentioned about her daughter’s heart condition, so we ask if she can prove to us that her words are true. Each day we didnt lend her, she will pester and try to gain sympathy from my parents. So after getting advise and afraid she wont have mood to take care of the boys, we borrowed her.
Soon, she no longer listen to instructions. She brought Belen down everyday at least once for a 15mins walk. But as days passed, she will bring Belen down for more than 2 times a day and each time from half an hour to an hour to 2 hours! We spoke to her many times and still, she ignored. One night, we decided to talk to her again. We suspected that she head down was to call. So as we agreed with her previously was if we will to speak to her again, we will confiscate her phone. This time, the moment the husband mentioned wanting to confiscate her phone, she broke down badly and say she wanna go back agency. So fine, i told her notice period was a month for me to make new arrangement and she agreed.
Right after CNY 2016, Lorna’s behaviors got even worse and she became very picky. Of course in the period of time, her attitude was very bad already. If she feels unhappy, be it related to work or not, she will show the world her black face, yelled at my kids for nothing and beat them for nothing.
One fine day in the ICU ward while visiting my grandma, i received 3 missed calls from an unknown number from Philippines. Mood got ruined as i wanna spend time with my grandma. Went out to answer the call. It was Lorna’s blood sister, Jane. Told me that Lorna’s son got caught by police and needed Lorna to go back urgently for court’s hearing. Yet when i asked when, she couldn’t answer. She claimed that Lorna’s didnt contact the family for a month already.
We doubt her too. After Lorna came back from her off day, got her to call back using my mobile. Told Lorna to get her sister to speak in english too but ended up, they communicated in their own language. Lorna ended up crying, saying her son was just a passerby at the location where the fight broke up.
Next day, Lorna’s auntie who works in local for more than 18 years text me. She questioned how was Lorna as Lorna didnt contact her for a month too. I followed my 6th sense and it told me that i can trust her auntie. So we chatted alot! If without her, we wouldnt have know the truth!
Thanks to her auntie for telling us that Lorna told additional off day to go for gynae check up, she is attached to an indian guy, the $400 wasn’t for her daughter and she is 4 months pregnant. With all the evidences shown and we got, her auntie’s words are true. Her auntie even questioned if we eat up Lorna’s salaries because she havent been transferring money back. Lorna’s excuse to her sister was because we didnt pay her in full! Luckily every month upon paying her will get her to sign. Phew!
On the same day, the husband bought a pregnancy kit and demanded her to test on the spot. But she didnt. She hid in the toilet and cried then came out saying she will test tomorrow.
The next day, my mother told me that it was negative. When i asked Lorna, at first she act blur and dont know what am i talking about. Then i asked if she take any powder medication to wash the fetus out, she was shocked that i heard of such medicine before. She admitted that she was pregnant but not anymore cause the fetus was washed off.
Next day, forced Lorna to head to clinic with me for blood test. At first she denied and gave me the attitude. Managed to trick her in. Thanks to the staff for co-operating with me! Very sweet of them to rush the report out for me without charging me. Had a chat with her and she claimed that she wanna deliver the baby.
While waiting for the report, on that night, Lorna asked if she can answer her sister’s call. Next moment she came and act pitiful saying police went to her house etc and she wished to go home. Bought air ticket and the next day, sent her back.
On the day that we sent her back, gotten her blood test result and show that it was positive! Then heard from her aunite and all the other helpers who know Lorna that she is going back for abortion.
I mean seriously, why up till the last moment still needed to lie? I pity the husband for not knowing anything. Its funny when Lorna always say she wont get an indian boyfriend because of the smell or get a boyfriend here cause she loves her children alot. But ended up? She is slapping herself.
I am all ready to fight back with evidences if she attacks.
She is hoping to come back and work in local because she only get to meet her boyfriend in local.
So hire her at your own risk.
So, whats with helpers saying if we employers treat them right, they will do the same back too? No, our kindness was eaten up by ungrateful and dishonest Lorna.