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Back then when I had Beorn, I wished I’ve someone to share with me on what I should keep a lookout on, sharing products and preventions of stretch marks, having dull and dry skin due to hormones changed. I wasn’t aware when the stretch marks would appear and neither do I know that I should start applying right from the beginning instead of only start applying it after having some marks shown. This was one of the biggest regrets.

But still, I tried different brands and many gave me red and itchy rashes or poor absorption hence I stopped. Be it cheap or expensive, due to hormones changed, my skin became sensitive. Back then, there aren’t many organic/natural products in the market. Some products don’t come with fragrance and it kind of smells. Having a sensitive nose is common for pregnant women.

Mama’s Choice, Natural Stretch Mark Cream to the rescue! It has aloe vera that helped to moisturize, soothes, and hydrated the skin, lipobelle soyaglycone that helps to firm and maintain the skin elasticity! It also helps to reduce the appearance of the stretch marks that would frequently appear on your tummy, breast, hips, thighs, and legs. It is made using aloe vera, lipobelle soyaglycone, shea butter, olive oil, and jojoba oil

I dislike creams that are oily or takes a long time for my skin to absorb or skin feeling sticky after applying. Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Cream texture is smooth and light. It didn’t take long for my body to absorb the cream! No stickiness, smell nor oily!

Best part, the Stretch Mark Cream can be used during and after pregnancy! They’re having an offer now @ $14.90.

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With our local weather, it is a must to apply daily face moisturizer! Being a pregnant mum, we will want the best and also using products that are safe too. Mama’s Choice got you covered!

It is suitable for pregnant & nursing women. 15 minutes before sun exposure, to apply evenly on the face and neck after cleansing.

The Daily Protection Face Moisturiser is made using:

    • Rice Extract – helps to deeply moisturized and to have glowing skin


    • Mineral Sunscreen – SPF 25 PA++ to protect from sun damage and to prevent dull skin


    • Hyaluronic Acid – hydrated they skin and prevent early signs of aging


It is a lightweight water-based cream formula that absorbs quickly to hydrate, smoothen, and protect your skin! The usual price is $16.90 and they are having an offer now! Get yours @ $12.90.

With the natural ingredients used, the shelf life for the products above is 12 months after opening. Mama’s Choice products do not add alcohol or fragrance.

Mama’s Choice has a range of various products for new & nursing mums. You can either purchase it for your own usage or choose any of the affordable bundles to send as a gift. Free shipping for orders above $15!

Unlike many other brands, Mama’s Choice put in the efforts and spoken with over 13,000 mums from surveys, focus groups, and home panels while planning and designing products to suit mum’s needs. Their products are certified halal by MUI in Indonesia. With their products dermatologically tested in Singapore, you can use the products with peace of mind!

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