5th Wedding Anniversary
at Montigo Resorts, Nongsa Batam
Day 2

Both of us didn’t sleep well. Despite adjusting the aircon temperature to the lowest and with fan switched on, the weather was so hot! Not only it was hot, mosquito secretly biting us! I mean… who will put insect repellent to sleep right? Hmm.
Woke up early for breakfast. Called for the buggy service. At first they told us was 15 minutes then to 45 minutes! Hence we decided to walk. 10 minutes of walking with empty stomach under the hot sun.
Breakfast buffet spread was quite huge. Due to the crowd and humid hot weather, i didn’t ate much. Back to the villa and went for a swim.
At 1.30pm, we called for the buggy service to bring us to Montigo Spa as it was far from our villa. We waited…and waited… our appointment was at 2pm. Contacted them again then was told that the staff from the Spa will pick us up instead.
Note: To avoid disappointment, do pre-book your package at Montigo Spa via emailing them in advance before arrival date to Montigo Resorts as they’re always fully booked.
We took the Montigo Signature Spa package for him and her.
We didn’t wanted facial so we requested to have longer hour of body scrub and body massage.
What i like was their flexibility. The body firming wrap was awesomely hot and shiok! Haha! If you’re going for the spa, try their body firming wrap! The whole duration was 3 hours!
After the massage, we get to have some chocolate biscuits and lemongrass tea. Rushed back to villa for a change and walked down to the Sandpark for our candlelight dinner!
Ok… we aren’t well-prepared. No insect patches or spray. The husband was saying with the ginger and lemongrass oil on us after the massage, the mosquito wont come near us. But noooooo! I wasn’t informed and wasn’t aware that candlelight dinner at the beach area would have those flies and even get bitten by mosquito!
Pretty table decoration.

Pretty sunset again.

While we are busy admiring the sunset, i received a call from Montigo and they were saying they have something for me and checking if i am in the villa. After awhile, came a bunch of cheerful staff and a guitar and cake!
I was wondering, it isn’t a birthday celebration so what can they sing. They sung “A Thousand Years“! You know, me being me, always so emotional, trying so hard to hold back my tears. Why so sweet?!
A photograph took together with the sweet employees + Wendi who helped us to snap this shot 🙂
Taste awesomely good!
My main course.
The husband’s.
Our dessert!
If you’re intending to surprise your partner, opt for their private dining services! They’ve a few locations to choose from. The food are so gooooooood! I am totally missing it now! Sadly we didnt get to enjoy it longer as i wasn’t feeling well.
They got a buggy to send me back to villa asap so i can rest. Was feeling nausea, perspiring in cold sweat and stomach was full of butterflies. No idea whats wrong with me.
After a few tries of vomiting, empty stomach again. So the husband ordered room service.
Nothing much on the next day as we are checking out too.
Overall, it was worth the experience. Dont expect much on the food. But do order the beers! To me, only the candelight dinner food was awesomely great! I will definitely go back to Montigo Spa! If you like water sports, Montigo Resorts is the place for you too!
A resort where good enough for couples, family and friends gathering!
Their staff are friendly and always so cheerful!
The beautiful sunset, the hot Mr Sun and the sceneries too.
Wanna invest in a suite or residence there, you can too!
The husband can’t bear to leave the resort. Indeed it was a rather stress-free place to chillax.
If will to go back, we will pack our bags with lots of mosquito patches and spray. Haha!
Thanks to the husband for it all!