Royal Caribbean – Mariner of the Seas (Day 2)

Managed to put Belen to sleep at midnight, then the kids decided to wake up at 3.30am to play! Then back to sleep at 6.30am and up at 8.30am! Throughout it, i was wide awake! You know times where you passed your bedtime and your mind is wide awake yet body feeling extremely tired? Head to Windjammer Cafe (level 11) for buffet breakfast. As usual, hunting for table and seats were a challenge. Didn’t really fill our stomachs due to the choice and taste of food.

Then out to the pool deck to explore and admire the scenery. The best part of this cruise was to enjoy the clear, greenish blue and calming sea. Not forgetting the cold wind! The most relaxing moment, be it day or night! Enjoy the beautiful shots taken by me using my iPhone 7 plus 🙂

Mouse over to see the night view

How can we not capture a family shot with it to prove that we were once on board here! Haha! Look at my beautiful dark rings 😀 It was super sunny too. I am surprised i managed to force my eyes to open that big. Haha!

Went to Rhapsody to have our lunch instead since the food tasted better. Due to the lunch crowd, you might be required to wait. If you are going as a family, they will expect everyone to arrive before letting you in the restaurant. To shorten the waiting time is to share the table with others. No singlets, tank top or spaghetti top. Cover with a jacket or cardigan before entering.

We finally reached Penang! We didn’t get off the cruise. Instead, we took the opportunity to explore the whole ship without much people around. Also, enjoying the peace ^^

Back to the stateroom to nap before our lunch! The kids got up while the husband and I still snoring away… Lucky to have my parents looking after them 😀 Pictures are taken by my mother. Oh, Beorn had a bad fall that got a deep little cut on his forehead. Tsk!

Then back to the pool deck since there was Shrek & Fiona performance. The boys got a bit frightened when Princess Fiona took one of their caps. Am loving her enthusiasm! Watch their dance in the video at the end of this post.

Back to the stateroom again and look! Using the towel to make into an elephant! Sorry, the Kungfu Panda plushies are excluded. Haha! We got it for the boys 😉 You can purchase it at their souvenir shop.

While we got back to rest, the boys are back being artists while enjoying the sea view…

Dinner time we had it at Rhapsody again ^^ This time our waiter got the vegetarian dishes ready for my parents! Oh, the mushroom soup was so good! I had 4 bowls!!! I even try my luck to ask the floor manager for the recipe. Hehe ^^ No joke, the mushroom soup was really addictive. That night, i only had mushroom soups and their freshly handmade buns. Simple yet super satisfying meal! As for the children, Beorn ordered grilled salmon and Belen had mac and cheese.

Watch the day 2 video below: