Royal Caribbean – Mariner of the Seas (Day 3)

Last morning waking up in the cruise with the sea view. A lazy morning too hence we ordered room service. Took our own sweet time to wash-up and have breakfast before going for the kitchens tour that we signed up for during yesterday’s dinner. The package included 2 kitchens tour and special lunch dining with champagne ^^

The first section we went, was the area where they handmade the daily slices of bread and buns! We are shocked! We thought they probably just heat up and serve the guests but to our surprises, they handmade each of it! I can have buns for meals with margarine. I dont take wholemeal bread but their wholemeal buns are yums!

Thank you for bringing us to tour around, explaining and answering to our questions 🙂

As the guide explained how their kitchen works and handling of food wastages, i got disgusted a little on how they discard the rubbish and food wastages. I didn’t know that they will throw it into the sea. Which makes me don’t wanna take cruise next time. It is so harmful ><

Below, is their food recipes for chefs on duty.

The biggest 3-levels of the dining hall with the biggest and gorgeous chandelier.

Lucky of us to bump into the captain! Didn’t have the chance to take a picture as he is probably one of the coolest man i’ve ever met. Ha! After the kitchens tour, time for our special lunch buffet! Many busy taking food but i was busy taking pictures! I am loving the food arts crafting! After the buffet, i wanted to ask if they’re gonna throw away the craftings, cause i wanna bring home! But the husband was afraid of ants. Oh well!

Look at the colorful desserts, food presentations and table decorations!
I didn’t take the buffet though.

Cheers to a good 2018 ahead!

This bowl of laksa was awesome. It tasted like tom yam and laksa soup base together. I had 4 bowls and that was my lunch! Haha! With some other rich chocolate cakes.

Back to the stateroom to have a nap before waking up to catch Kungfu Panda! We reached half an hour earlier to queue. While waiting for the time to pass, Belen went running around, i made a quick turn, then realized a young foreigner lady cut my queue. She was probably around my age or slightly older. No wrong that she likes Kungfu Panda but just because she dislikes the long queue, that doesn’t mean she gets to cut my queue. Probably my shocking looks betrayed me and the 2 men in my life came over immediately and got it covered. I was even more shocked that she lied without guilt yet talked back. Her mom was beside, betrayed her and asked her to queue properly. Still, she insisted to stand in front of me and Beorn, telling her mother to keep quiet.

After a long wait, she decided to give up, she stepped out of the queue and when she went up the stairs, she saw Kungfu Panda and the crew. She hurriedly cut back infront of us again, luckily the crew saw it and yelled at her to re-queue. Despite she tried to argue, the crew ignored her. After we have taken our family shot, we saw her trying to cut another Chinese queue. Sadly when reached her turn, the crew told her off again to re-queue and she stomped her feet off. In the end she got no pictures but a disgrace to herself.

Spot the difference. Haha!

Back to our stateroom to prepare for the Captain’s Night. Assembled at the atrium around 4.45pm, everyone was waiting to meet the Captain as it stated in the daily newsletter that he will be appearing at 5.15pm. Had some champagne and enjoying the live band till close to 5.30pm, we decided to give up waiting for the Captain’s appearance and headed down to Rhapsody for our last dinner on board.

We enjoyed the dance performances from the waiters and waitresses! Hilarious too! At this moment, can’t bear to bid farewell to them and the beautiful sea view… Anyway, at the end of the dinner, do leave some nice feedback on the waiters/waitresses. Every positive feedback they’ve received, they’re entitled to additional rest day or off duty. After hearing some unpleasant stuff about the management, am pretty mad. Crews have to pay for their own sets of uniforms, no free internet usage for them etc. The poor waiter has been away from his family and his 3 years old son for close to 6 months! As the internet service is expensive so he can only afford to buy for a day used to call home. Yea they’re by a 6 months contract base. The management can terminate their contract at any time or not allow them to renew. I felt his sadness and much misses of his wife and son 🙁

Shall end this blog entry with a group shot with one of the floor managers been handling my parents’ vegetarian meals.
Much thanks and appreciation!

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