Came across Spurbox Facebook advertisements and so decided to check them out. Delighted to see that they’ve various baking and art classes for the juniors! Checked their event schedules and got me so excited! Honestly, if i’ve the time and money, i would probably attending every single classes with Beorn 😀 Before i commit into it, asked Beorn if he wanna attend some baking classes that comes with storytelling and art and crafts. I knew he will never reject such! Haha! So i went ahead and bought the Super Saver Pass, attend 5 classes of Artmuse and/or Junior Gourmet for just S$180. You probably save about S$9 per class. They also have Family Pass but due to Belen at the terrible 3 stage, we shall hold on to that. You can check out their membership here.

Artmuse – Creative Art and Progressive Learning
Art Discovery – Artisan Craftsmanship and Knowledge and Skills Base
Junior Gourmet – Storytelling, Hands-On Baking and Art and Crafts
Junior Chef & Baker – Culinary Learning and Food Display

Beorn’s 1st baking class was on Strawberry Jam cookies.

We reached there 15 minutes before to register. Look at Beorn in the chef hat and apron! You don’t have to purchase the chef hat and apron. Upon registration, they will help your kid to put on it. Its on loan.

Just nice they put up Christmas decorations! Got Beorn to pose for me 😀
While waiting for further instructions, the children can go to the playroom.

Due to my left hand injuries, the husband gotta replaced me and helped Beorn with the mixing. It was quite tough to mix using their silicone spatula. Because of the cheap material of it and the sticky mixture, so hard to blend it. I do have a silicone spatula too but didn’t face the same issue that we had while hand mixing it. The spatula that they’ve got, really soft and thin instead of those firm ones.

Instructions given were simple and clear so that the young bakers can understand. Teacher were helpful too.

After doing up the base of the cookies, time to pipe in some strawberry and/or orange jam!

After adding in the jams, time for storytelling! So the young bakers washed their hands before going to another classroom. While their cookies are baking, and to keep them entertained, Spurbox included storytelling and art and crafts to it. Smart planning!

A simple story on Christmas. Beorn enjoyed it 🙂
The story wasn’t too long as kids can’t really sit still hur. It was just nice. Not just plain storytelling but there were engagements with the kids too!

Moving on to the art and crafts.
Decorating their own Christmas tree!

After about half an hour, their cookies are ready for collection! The whole place smell so good! Filled with the butter cookies smell!

Kids washed their hands and off to the baking room! Beorn was so happy to see his 1st bakes! He can’t wait to try it and share it with Belen!

We tried it and mmm, awesome! The buttery taste and the bite of the cookies… We’re definitely gonna follow the given recipe and try to make more at home!

We do have a oven, mixer etc for baking. We have the recipes too but you know, it is just different to bake with the kids at home and at a baking lesson. At home, most kids wouldn’t list and follow your instructions. You will see busy hands everywhere. But attending a baking class, with a stranger teaching, i realized most kids would be more well-behaved. Best part, don’t have to do the preparation and washing! 😀

Beorn and his delicious Strawberry Jam Cookies! 😀

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I paid for the Super Saver Pass membership.