Goh Bin He, Beorn

Type of Personality: The Adventurer

Beorn has the kindest & the purest of heart.
As he is growing, he understands his role as an elder brother better and is able to take up more responsibilities.
He is mommy’s best helper especially when it comes to house chores!

He is an introvert shy child and enjoys solitude especially when Belen is away.
He can focused and be wildly creative when it comes to drawing and acting.
Beorn has a photographic memory and he is street smart.

He is into…

  • singing and dancing
  • drawing
  • speech and drama
  • swimming
  • baking

After getting to know him, you will know him as Mr Chatterbox 😀

Goh Bin Hong, Belen

Type of Personality: The Entertainer

Belen is the joy in everyone’s lives, always putting a smile on others’ faces 🙂
Be it towards familiar faces or strangers, he will greet with a smile.
A young, bold and fearless boy! He has high pain tolerance like me!

He is Mr Vain when it comes to dressing up and often choose his own clothing.
Loving attention, he enjoys meeting new people & sharing his ideas and stories!

A strong-minded boy that many often labelled him as stubborn.
Comparing to other kids the same age, he is overly independent.

A boy that holds the tagline “never give up” well.
Whether he is playing, writing or as long as he’s learning, regardless of the number of tries and failures, he wants to get it right.
Of course, he can get pretty hot-tempered and impatient at times but still, he never give up.


They’ve a hashtag for themselves on Instagram, #theGOHbros.

Both brothers have similarities in some ways…

  • OCD
  • loves art and craft, baking, music, singing and dancing
  • sweet and romantic
  • impatient
  • observant
  • helpful
  • talks a lot!
  • respectful towards the elderly

They’re always full on energy hence afternoon nap is a must for them.
They’re the sweetest brothers! Can’t live without each other even if they’re separated for a few hours!