A Family Outing to
Universal Studios Singapore!

Finally after talking about it since last year, the trip came true! We took a day leave since my papa can only rest on Monday. Sadly my brother can’t join us as he was in camp.
Woke up at 7am to prepare. As we only have one car, have to split into 2 groups to go RWS. Luckily we didn’t waste much time waiting for one another to reach the destination. Last minute decided to get Unlimited Express Pass after seeing the number of people. Even my sister who have been to USS for a few times said it was her first time seeing so many huge crowds.

Even entering to USS also have to queue. Was quite worried that we might not be able to cover it all after seeing the crowds. Of course, tourists afterall are tourists. They don’t obey Singapore laws. They live in their own country’s laws. Really annoying! I believe if without such humans, the trip will be more fun!

A lot of banging of people from that particular country. Yet they don’t apologize. One mother even pushed the stroller and hit my butts, when i turned back, she just smiled and walked away. Like wtf?! Another father dressed like PSY wannabe, more kiasu than we Singaporeans. We were at Carousel and he just dashed passed and banged me real hard just to wanna get the giraffe seat. Really?! Met about 8 kids, and all 8 of them just can’t stand and queue properly. Have to climb on the railing up and down. -.-

While queuing to get a shot with minions…

So Beorn got a bit scared after seeing the Transformers came “alive”!

Settled our lunch at Starbon Cafe. Got a shocked with the prices. Haha!

Time for the boys to get on to some rides!
At the start of the ride. As it goes on spinning….

Someone fell asleep. Haha!

Check out the video by clicking here!
Our favourite, Jurassic Park!
So sweet to see the boys got together to take pictures together. Hehe ^^
Took a few shots before heading to get some souvenirs…
I am glad that the weather was good although really damn sunny! Managed to take almost every ride for once or twice. Thanks to my parents for helping to look after the boys while we went away for rides 😀 More outings soon!
Check out the video below or by clicking here!